GMW dot 4 brake and clutch fluid 10-4086 (473ml)

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ACDelco DOT4 GMW fluid is the same glycol base as DOT 3, but handles more heat. A superior brake and hydraulic clutch fluid for systems requiring performance level fluid, it preserves internal components from corrosion under normal use and service.

inhoud 473 ml.

GM Brake and Hydraulic Clutch Fluid for DOT 4 applications with systems that require FMVSS NO.116 ISO 4925 Class 6 regulations. Lot of words and requirements for premium hydraulic fluid from General Motors! This Fluid is suitable for all applications that require DOT 4 performance level brake fluid. GM DOT 4 fluid protects internal components from corrosion and exceeds requirements for a wet and dry equilibrium reflux boiling points to help prevent vapor lock that can result from the boiling of the brake fluid. GM DOT 4 Fluid also meets GMW3356 requirements.
16-ounce container.

Super DOT-4 Brake and Clutch Fluid exceeds the international specifications SAE J 1703, ISO 4925, as well as the U.S. safety standard FMVSS 116 DOT-4. Super DOT-4 brake fluid can be mixed with any other well-known brake fluids with same specifications. This DOT-4 brake fluid is chemically stable and contains additives guaranteeing best lubricating properties.


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