A-keuze univeseel voor elke V8 45 graden bougiedop

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€ 79,50 (inclusief btw)

Spark Plug Wires, StreeThunder, Spiro-Wound, 8mm, Black, 45/135 Degree Boots, Universal, 8-Cylinder, Set.

Taylor Street Thunder spark plug wire sets offer great performance at an affordable price. They feature 8mm diameter black silicone construction with synthetic jacketing to resist heat, oil, and abrasion. Their 500 ohm per foot resistance delivers greater spark energy, while improving power and fuel efficiency. By using a Kevlar® helically spiral-wound core conductor, Street Thunder wires provide greater strength and durability to suppress electromagnetic and radio frequency interference. Matching black silicone boots protect against high exhaust temperatures, and double spring locking terminals make quick vibration-proof connections. Taylor Street Thunder spark plug wires are available in universal, race-fit, or custom-fit styles. Select the set that best suits your application.


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