Dukes of hazard luchthoorn

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Luchthoorn dixieland / dukes of hazard. 

Geen china made  dit product is gemaakt in italie  

Comes with 5 Dixie trumpet 12V air horns
Material: ABS plastic
Sound pressure Level: 116db
Plays the Dixie melody
This horn sounds like the one used on the General Lee from the Dukes of Hazzard movie.
Size: Trumpet Diameter : 3.3"/3.1"/3"/3"/2.8"
Trumpet Lengths: 10.7"/ 9.6"/ 8.3"/7.6"/6.2"
Fits for Cars, Trucks, Busses, and Boats Any 12 Volt Vehicles.
Package Included: 
5 X Trumpet Air Horns 
1 X Air Compressor 
1 X Air Tubing 
1 X Set Mounting Hardware 
1 X 12V Relay


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