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Startmotor powermaster GM

Artikelnummer: Pwm-9100
€ 249,00 (inclusief 21% btw)

Starter, PowerMaX, Mini, Inline, GM, L6/V8, Each.

Powermax PLUS Starter

  • Small And Big Block Chevy
  • For 153-Tooth/168-Tooth Flywheel Straight Mount
  • 11:1 Compression Ratio
  • 160 Ft. Lbs. Torque
  • 6:1 Gear Reduction
  • 1.4kw
  • 1.7 HP
  • 7.4 Lbs.
  • Natural Finish

With their gear-reduction drives, heavy-duty Powermaster PowerMax starters really crank out the power--160 ft.-lbs. of torque. So, they can handle engines with moderate compression ratios. If your stock starter clears your oil pan, the Powermaster PowerMax starters will, too. Some will also clear kicked-out pans. Powermaster PowerMax starters can be mounted in multiple orientations, featuring the new infini-clock mounting system. Starter dyno reports and mounting bolts are included.

  • AJ Speedshop located in the Netherlands