flowmaster 40 series dubbel in / dubbel uit 2,5 inch

Artikelnummer: Flo-425404
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Muffler, 40 Series, Oval, Dual 2.5 in. Inlet/Dual 2.5 in. Outlet, Steel, Black, 19.0 in. Overall Length.

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Looking for the most aggressive sound in the Flowmaster muffler line? Then take a look at these 40 series mufflers. Designed for use on street and strip vehicles, they take the sound waves produced in the exhaust, and cancel them against angled baffles built into the muffler case. This improves both horsepower and fuel economy. Best of all, they allow you to hear that cool Flowmaster tone inside of the vehicle, as well as outside. So, if you want more power and less noise, then you've gotta get these Flowmaster mufflers.


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