AC Delco PF454

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Oil Filter, Canister, Checker, Cadillac, Chevy, GMC, Oldsmobile, Pontiac, Each.

Oil Filter Style:Canister

Filter Bypass Relief Valve:No

Anti-Drainback Valve:No

Quantity:Sold individually.

Description: An engine running on dirty oil won't last. Keep it clean with an ACDelco oil filter. They help trap particles up to 25 microns, or one-third the width of a human hair, thereby improving the quality, performance, and life span of your engine. ACDelco makes oil filters to fit 99 percent of all cars, light trucks, and sport utility vehicles on the road today. Order the model designed for your engine application.

Additional features include:

* Excellent filter capacity, enhanced efficiency, consistent flow management, and high durability
* Tight seals to prevent unfiltered oil from entering your engine
* Consistent, dependable oil filtration throughout the filters



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