Edelbrock engine brake-in zinc additive

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Motor Oil Additive, ZDDP, Engine Break-In, 12 oz., Each.

Edelbrock Zinc Enhanced Engine Protector, 350ml

Edelbrock's High Performance Zinc Additive is designed for hot rods, sports cars, muscle cars and exotics. this special formula of zinc, phosphorous and moly is the ideal chemistry to add wear protection to any motor oil. Because it won't rub, scrape off or wear off, it is perfect for cold starts and infrequently driven vehicles. Also extends engine life and increases mileage and horsepower. One bottle treats up to 6 quarts/liters of oil.

  • Designed For Hot Rods/Sports Cars/Muscle Cars
  • Special Formula Of Zinc Phosphorous And Moly
  • Is Ideal Chemistry To Add Wear Protection
  • Will Not Rub/Scrape/Wear Off
  • Perfect For Cold Starts/Infrequently Driven Veh.
  • Extends Engine Life
  • Increases Mileage And Horsepower
  • Treats Up To 6 qts. Of Conventional Oil

High Performance Zinc Engine Oil Additive, 350ml.

Engine Break-in

Oil Volume:12 oz.


Quantity:Sold individually.

Description: Does your engine need a little boost? Edelbrock high performance engine oil with zinc additive should do the trick. Designed for hot rods, sports cars, musclecars, and exotics, this oil additive is specially formulated from zinc, phosphorous, and moly, creating the ideal nutrients for added wear protection of your engine's oil. It won't rub, scrape, or wear off, so it's perfect for cold starts and infrequently driven vehicles. Extend engine life and increase mileage and horsepower with Edelbrock high performance zinc additive.


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