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RVS leiding op rol 3/16 , 1/4 , 5/16 , 3/8

Artikelnummer: RvS 3/16-1/4-5/16-3/8
€ 14,60 (inclusief 21% BTW)

RvS  leiding op rol , Max. Lengte aan een stuk 6 meter

leverbaar in de maten.

3/16 (4,75mm)

1/4 (6,35mm) 

5/16 (7,94mm)

3/8 (9,53mm)

prijs per meter

stainless steel multipurpose hard lines are ideal for plumbing your brake or fuel systems. These aircraft Quality 304 stainless lines feature a 0.028 in. wall thickness and are double annealed for easier flaring and bending compared to other stainless steel lines. They are rated for a maximum of 6,000 psi and have been pressure tested and checked for safety.

Stainless steel is more difficult to bend and flare compared to typical steel line. We recommend that a professional grade flaring tool be used with these lines. Stainless steel can also be difficult to seal when replacing an existing brake or fuel line. The previously installed line can create a wear pattern on the flare seat which will not allow the new stainless steel flare to seal properly. When replacing an existing line we recommend a thorough inspection of the existing brake fitting, fuel fitting, junction block, wheel cylinder, brake caliper, etc. It is possible that the existing component may need to be replaced for a proper seal.