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Spark Plug Wires, Spiro Wound, Spiral Core, 8mm, Blue, 90 Degree Boots, GM, Small Block, V8, Set.

zitten compleet in elkaar gemonteerd kan zo gemonteerd worden op auto.


Diameter (mm):8.00mm

Spark Plug Wire Resistance:270 ohms/ft.

RFI Suppression:Yes

Wire Color:Blue

Distributor Terminal Ends:Male/HEI

Distributor Boot Color:Black

Distributor Boot Material:Silicone

Spark Plug Boot Ends:Eight 90 degree

Spark Plug Boot Color:Gray

Spark Plug Boot Material:Silicone

Coil Wire Included:No

Conductor Style:Spiral core

Quantity:Sold as a set.

Description: Get more spark from your plugs with a set of Summit® ignition wires. These 8mm wires feature high-temperature silicone outer jackets and insulation, along with a fiberglass braid for more pull strength. These wires are available in custom-fit or universal sets. The custom-fit sets have both terminal ends installed, while the universal sets have the spark plug boots installed and come with the distributor boot terminals and a stripping tool.


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